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      Attention: Real estate professionals. Discover

“How to Sell More Houses Quicker Than Before and NOT Spend a Fortune Doing So!”

Dear Real Estate Professional, 

In a city near you, one real estate professional has tons of sales and more listings work than they can handle, and in the same office -- another real estate professional had the same amount of leads and only earns 50% as much…  



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train What Made The Difference?

fotos de hombres agarrando bultos  Have you ever wondered what made the real difference -- a dramatic difference in their incomes?  

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percentage of religions in africa pie graph It really isn’t that one real estate professional put in more hours, or had a better personality, or was able to land better listings, because they were very similar in their sales style, the hours they put in and their personality. So overall, they were very evenly matched. They were so well matched; they even went to the same sales training! 

What is the one key factor that separates them? Allowing one to be a super successful professional raking in double the money – while the other…just mediocre?  

Actually the difference is simple - once you realize it

Maybe you’ve tried to change your own marketing tactics and the new ads are not working. Recently you may have failed to land more listing contracts which you know you need. You may be fearful about declining sales numbers and don’t know what to do to change it. You are concerned because your sales are no longer in your control. And you can wonder why -- all despite all your hard work and continued efforts – your sales slump is NOT turning around

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antique red yellow blue flowers with gold trim on plate You may be wondering if spending more money on advertising might help. You may be worried about how to revive your sales since the old ways that used to work, don’t now. You feel uncomfortable making marketing decisions -- not knowing the right thing to do.  

Because of all the low sales stats it takes an effort to keep your spirits up. With the housing market the way it is, sales are down all over -- you don’t know if you will make enough money to pay the bills. I’m wondering if you might be ready to continue listening to what may help you with your marketing decisions. 

Perhaps you have discussed this with other professionals and found they are at a loss to increase their sales too. Maybe you have read newspapers and saw all the negative stories about declining real estate sales and values. As a real estate professional you know there are peaks and valleys to the sales numbers. Still you feel there has to be a better way to get more listings and a way to get sales to start coming in. I sense you are looking for more help with how to change your declining listings and sales numbers. 

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austra I suspect the problem does not lie in you. You are not at fault here. You are doing all the right things. But the problem may lie in the marketing method. Now you may be open to making a change for the better. Perhaps you are ready to try something new to help you find a solution to boost your real estate sales

Many real estate professionals are in the same boat as you. You do not have to go it all alone. You may be ready for a change in your marketing tactics. Let’s see if this makes sense to you. You are probably wondering what the next step is to help boost your real estate business income. This is the key you need right now to turn it all around

In the story above… One of the real estate professionals knew how to tap into the awesome profit building power of the Internet. That one thing – having a website -- is what made the successful professional hit their income goals actually double what they had set

This was the only real difference – one had a website and one did not

This is the real difference that separated their income success levels.  

You see the reason why I am writing to you today is I want to help you become a successful real estate professional just like in the story above. I want to help you understand and get connected to the power of the web. Because having your own website – gives you the ultimate power. Your website gives you a ‘virtual clone of yourself’-- your own virtual sales person working for free for you -- 24/7.

Your Want a Professional PR Person working for YOU Virtually --  for FREE 

Just imagine how much relief you would feel – and you’d be less stressed too… 

And how many

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blog free baby dress pattern worries that would take off your back

Each day real estate professionals, people just like you, discover how to leverage online real estate marketing. Once you know how, you can harness that infinite power to create the wealth you want – literally overnight. You can have this new income generating power, and instantly put it to use -- just when you need it most. 

Today I am really excited because I can help open up the door to showing you the way. I’ll help you build your own real estate website for your business – showcasing you and your real estate listings. Soon your website will be delivering to you amazing income listing and selling opportunities – with just a click of a mouse!  

Soon you’ll be reaching and exceeding your real estate business income goals

“Soon you’ll be reaching and exceeding your real estate business income goals!” 

In the story above…One of the real estate professionals knew how to tap into the awesome profit building power of the Internet. That one thing – having a website – is what made the successful professional hit their income goals – actually double what they had set! 

This is the only real difference – one had a website and one did not. 

This is the real difference that separated their income success levels. 

You see the reason why I am writing to you today is I want to help you become a successful real estate professional just like in the story above. I want to help you understand and get connected to the power of the web. Because having your own website – gives you the ultimate power. Your website gives you a ‘virtual clone of yourself’ your own virtual sales person working for free for you – 24/7.

Here’s An Opportunity For You…
It’s Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

 Right now, I’d like to guide you down the path to a more prosperous real estate business. No matter what you real estate business dreams are. It could be to get more listings or make a lot more money by selling more property – faster. Perhaps it is to spend less time working on your real estate business instead of in it… I mean, who wouldn’t love to spend more time with their family – or just to relax and have more time for fun… 

My personal promise to you is that I am going to give you the rare pleasure of having just what you have always dreamed for a successful and profitable real estate business. I will help you to enter a world where your income goals come true

It all starts right here… 

Fact is, if you want to BE the SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Professional in the story above you need your own professional looking real estate website with your photo at the top -- with videos, slide shows, beautifully showcased homes and business listings with all the bells and whistles? 

I know, I know, you think that it’d costs a bundle right? But what if I showed you how to set up a professional real estate website for mere pennies on the dollar. You’d be interested in hearing more wouldn’t you? So with your permission, I would like to show you there is a better way. But before I do…  

Let me share with you my story… 

My name is Joe McCain and I’m on your side.  

I’ve paid through the nose for the best online marketing website money can buy – I had built for me a very expensive, beautiful to look at, real estate website that even had a real estate listing database…   

fotos de hombres agarrando bultos The website was beautiful to behold and all my buddies in the biz were jealous. 

But it had one BIG problem… 

I couldn’t EVEN change a simple real estate listing on it! 

Talk about a dumb marketing decision! 

Because, I didn’t think this would be a problem. The web developer told me up front they would always be there to edit any listings and besides it was more important that I spent my time doing my business NOT editing a website. 

Ok, I agreed and told them to go ahead with the website.  

But later…whenever I wanted to delete or add a listing, I always had to send the web developer my listings change and pay their hourly rate for their editing time. It felt like I was being held at gun point – every time I wanted a simple listing change! 

I felt ROBBED!  

Because every month that I paid their HIGH “listing change fees”!  

It really CUT into my real estate profits! 

So one day after paying the “monthly listing change fees bill” I got a letter stating their editing fees were going up again! 

That did it! 

I got mad. I decided to stop knuckling under to my web developer that was holding me and my business hostage. These fees were getting so high I knew I had to find a better way to update my listings myself or close my online real estate business. 

Now as far as being a computer geek, I’m not. Oh, I can write an email and I can do simple stuff on the web but at that point in time I will admit -- I was NOT web savvy at all.  

But I’d had enough!  

There had to be a better way to maintain my own listings. I was NO dummy and I knew I could figure out how to do it if someone would just show me how

Fast forward 1 year later… 

After much struggle and pain learning how to build a website… now I know all the ins and outs of building a real estate website. I have my own real estate website I am proud of! And I did it myself! 

I know all the inside tricks to building a simple-to-edit real estate website. And my simple website offers many of the same features that the expensive real estate website developers build – but does it for a fraction of the cost! (And THE BIGGEST PLUS IS…now I can edit the darn thing myself!) 

With your permission,fotos de hombres agarrando bultosfotos de hombres agarrando bultos I’d like to show you how to build your own real estate site -- one that will command attention. And how to do the search engine optimization right so…Google will give your new website high rankings and

Google Will LOVE Your New Website!  

Once I show you how you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated about building your own website. When you watch the easy, step-by-step videos… You’ll have your own customized real estate website – one you can easily edit, change and update your own real estate listings up on the web, in less time than it takes for a long lunch! 

The best part is, your new online real estate online office will be open for business 24 hours a day. And you won’t have to touch it unless you want to change, edit or delete a listing – which will take you just minutes to do.  

I promise you, building your own website is easier than you think! I’ve helped hundreds of real estate professionals build their own online real estate marketing business -- professionals just like you! 

Soon you’ll be making more real estate sales, quicker and easier than ever before! 

I’ll show you how to search engine optimize your website for your local real estate sales area. Plus your website will not only attract local buyers and sellers but you’ll even get new real estate business globally! Yes, you’ll be contacted from buyers and sellers from all over the country! New listing and new sales are just a click away… 

You Get A New Powerful Business Building Tool! 

I’ll help you build a state-of-the-art real estate website – one that is sure to be your most effective marketing tool. You will instantly enhance your business image. Don’t be surprised when new leads call you out of the blue -- just because they found you online! 

Your new website will put you on a completive footing with your competitors too. But you won’t be paying the exorbitant website editing fees like they are anymore either! Nope, you’ll be stuffing that cash back in your pocket – and you’ll be doing it every day! 

For a limited time only, I’m offering to help you build your very own customized real estate website with your own domain name – you chose the name of your site. This is not a subdomain (like most cookie-cutter real estate database sites you see all over the web)… but a real honest to goodness, complete real estate website – and it’s all your own! 

Your website will be funneling targeted real estate leads from hundreds, even thousands of Internet visitor’s right to your in box. Catapult your real estate business into the big time and dramatically increase your number of listings and closed sales! You can…

Easily Be Making More Money – By Tomorrow!

Stop throwing away your fair share of the money you could be stuffing into your bank account. Because every time a home buyer or seller searches for a home or business for sale in your area, they are finding other real estate professionals websites and -- NOT yours

Why? Because even if you do have a real estate website, if it’s not properly search engine optimized, they can’t find YOU.  

I’ll help you fix that problem too. 

Without a link to your web site on your business card, every time you hand one out, or send an email or tell someone about your business -- you’re missing out on a huge FREE -- Powerful, Profit-making Opportunity!  

Smart real estate professionals get free real estate leads from the web and SAVE advertising dollars. Then use the money they save to a better use… So you want to be one of the smart professionals, don’t you? That’s right; once you have your website online, you can stop paying through the nose for those expensive real estate ads in your newspaper and radio! Your new website is like…

Having A Top Notch Sales Representative
Working For FREE - 24/7!

 Give your business an EXTRA SALES BOOST – build your own automated sales person or public relations agent who never takes a break, and never asks for a raise -- working for you, 24 hours a day!  

The deal is this… NO one knows your real estate business better than you do.  

So only you know what’s best for your website and how you want it to represent you.  

It makes smart business sense to do-it-yourself and not leave this important task to a web developer -- who doesn’t care as much about your business as you do -- Right? No one knows…

What You Want and Need Better Than You! 

So if you could do it yourself, wouldn’t that be the perfect solution? You bet it would! 

Having a real estate website made by an expensive web developer could easily cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. And right now with the economy the way it is, most real estate professionals who want to have their own website don’t have that kind of money to spend

I can easily show you how to build your own do-it-yourself website which is so affordable -- it will blow your mind! And your new website can easily show you a clear profit in just days after being online. 

Each day you hesitate costs you more money, money you can’t afford to lose… 

You ONLY Get 1 Chance To Impress
A New Lister Or New Prospective Buyer!

 Here’s what I have for you. 

You can have your new real estate website online in LESS THAN THE TIME it takes for your lunch! In less than 60 minutes, you can have your new real estate website online and be posting your real estate listings. 

Fact is you need to do this right now. Because you want your future real estate listers and buyers reading your website and NOT your competitor’s!   

Now is the best time to stop procrastinating… 

Get Your Real Estate Business Listings Online!

 Home buyers and sellers will get to know your business name and your website and trust you. They’ll come back again and again to list properties with you and to buy properties from you. I’ll show you how to insert videos of your listings, how to edit and maintain your website and even how to do social media marketing too! 

Here’s what I am offering to you today – it’s…

You’re Real Estate - ‘Business in a Box’


Package Includes: 45 Videos + 3 Ebooks and 8 Real Estate Themes!

I make it as easy and risk-free as possible for you. You don’t have to endure the thousands of hours or research and trial and error I did learning how to do all of this. The ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’ Website Builder package I have for getting your real estate listings online is so easy even my 12 years old nephew can edit a listing or add or delete one! 

I don’t mean to sound like I am patting myself on the back, but I want you to know I worked for over a year putting this step-by-step

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natural stone travertine slab warehouse ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’
package together for you. I hope you do appreciate the incredible value of what I am offering to you.  

This is a proven real estate website building package -- where you build your site your way, add and edit the listings, insert images, link to your videos -- and it just takes minutes to do. I’ll show you how with step by step videos you can pause and rewind as you do each step. If something is not crystal clear just rewind the video and hit play and watch again. It’s really that simple!  

I believe this is the best system online for easily building your own website in existence – bar none! fotos de hombres agarrando bultos

fotos de hombres agarrando bultos  

What you get:

Complete Real Estate Website Builder –
Simple To Follow, Step-by-Step Video Training That Walks You Through…

How To...

·        Find and register the perfect domain name for optimum seo - get to the top of Google fast!

·        Locate and sign up for inexpensive hosting for your website - and prevent hosting headaches...

·        How to select a theme or design for your new website - I'll include the most popular ones in the package for you!

·        How to install a theme or design - it's simple and I'll show you step by step how to do it with 2 clicks!

·        One click to install your banner or logo - adding your custom banner is simple to do, watch the video and you'll see how easy it is to do!

·        How to customize your new real estate website to the way you want it to look

·        How to add and delete pages with 1 click

·        Easy step by step directions on how to Insert pictures and images so that no matter how little computer experience you have, you can easily edit and maintain your website once you know how -- just watch the videos for step by step instructions.


bultaco schematic

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where to buy heelysdurban         Simple instructions on how to link to your videos - takes the guess work out of how to add video to your website

·        What a widget is and how to use them to help your seo, and special features to your website -- just let the widgets and plugins do all the hard work for you!

·        How to select keywords and insert your seo keyword tags -- understand SEO and how to get your website to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

·        How to install an seo plug-in to boost website rankings - in seconds.

·bultfotos de hombres agarrando bultosfotos de hombres agarrando bultos

Easy steps to customize your settings the way you want them

·        How to remove add and remove components - it's so simple a 12 year old can do it, you'll find it easy to do once I show you how.

·        Simple 2 clicks to upload your new site to your hosting account

You may think all this sounds difficult but I promise that I make it seem so easy you will be shocked!  

You'll easily know how to…

·        Add new pages – just copy paste your text and add graphics with one click!

·        Delete old pages and how to create new content in just minutes!

·        bultfotos de hombres agarrando bultosbultfotos de hombres agarrando bultos Customize your layout into multiple columns - to help make your website unique and to create a design that works with you and your business

·        Discover simple tips to speed up your editing - save hours of time!

·        Tricks to update your website in just minutes!

·        Your website will have a professional, balanced “look” of a custom-designed site – at an incredibly low cost!

And I'll answer questions like:

·        Why should I pay to host my website?

·        Where do I go to find the right keywords?

·        Where do I add my domain name to my hosting account?

·        How do I link my domain name and my hosting account together?

·        I'll even answer the questions you didn't think to ask!

 My ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’ is a complete package including 3 video courses to walk you though every step of getting your real estate website up and running! The ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’ is packed everything you need from templates, to videos to downloadable books. The complete package is all custom created to make your new real estate website dream come true. Plus I’ll offer support to answer all your questions.

Here’s the package…

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download sound card driver bulton

Your ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’ Includes:



1. Real Estate Themes/Designs

High End Real Estate Themes/Designs with graphics and HTML, CSS files all ready to go, all you do is select the real estate theme you like and upload it. ($97 value)


2. Wordpress Theme Blowout V2 – PLR

Huge Collection of over a hundred Wordpress Themes. PLR Wordpress Theme Package comes with Wordpress Themes, headers, HTML themes, Themes also come in HTML format and headers are included. ($47 value)

3. Template 'Flawless Reflection'

High End Template with graphics and HTML, CSS files  Wordpress version of the theme with PSD file and Wordpress custom plug-in 'Brave Minisite' ($47 value)


4. Wordpress 201 Video Course Turbo Charge Your Website

It is a series of videos that show you how to streamline your website for maximum lead generating power. It shows how to optimize your website for Google and load for maximum speed and ways to help usability for your visitors. It also shows you how to perform regular maintenance to keep your website running at full speed. (Valued at $37)

5. Wordpress SEO Secrets Revealed

40 videos will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step everything you need to know about optimizing your WordPress website for the search engines so you can start getting traffic. It's really that simple. You get step by step video training and PDF instructions (how to install WordPress, theme, change header, headline graphics, customize theme, work with the custom plug-in) ($47 value) custom plug-in too. (Valued at $37)


6. Facebook Marketing Secrets

Discover Secret Facebook Marketing Tips And The Newest Techniques! BOOST Your Facebook leads that will catapult your facebook marketing efforts to new heights! Getting started on your Facebook Marketing, how to create a Sales Funnel to make money with Facebook Fans. Covers how to zero in on your target group.

How to find fans and establish your brand. Information on how to set up Facebook Communities and create exclusive content. SEO strategies for your landing pages. How to create and use viral notes.

How to profitably sell products on Facebook and measure your Facebook marketing success with multivariate testing. Comparisons between buying Facebook Impressions and Click Advertisements. What do to with negative comments and how to handle them.
 (39 page downloadable book - Valued at $37) 

6. Social Media Traffic Avalanche

Generate Unlimited Traffic To Any Real Estate Website From High Traffic Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Twitter.

Discover hidden tricks and tips on how to use Facebook to add a "Face" or brand to your business. Find out how to use Facebook with Twitter and Squidoo to leverage all your social media efforts. Uncover the secret techniques to create Squidoo Lens that can drive massive traffic to your websites and do it all for free!

Get in the inside track and learn how to generate as much traffic as you want and do it all for free with social media and you can do it in just minutes a day when you know how! (47 page downloadable book - $37 value) 

7. SPECIAL NEW ADDITION – Facebook Fan Page Profits

Just released! SECRETS of Facebook Fan Pages! Get the inside track to the FUTURE of social marketing by harnessing the awesome power of Facebook Fan Pages. Get unlimited real estate leads with the info in this book!

Sep by step guide for creating money making fan pages! Find out how to leverage the newest trends on Google, Clickbank, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing. Maximize your efforts by focusing your social marketing on the social sites that will give you the best bang for your buck!

Reviewed are the best social marketing research tools including free and paid software. Learn about microblogging and why you need to take time to add this type of new blogging to your social marketing efforts.

bultos hombres fotos

Find out about FourSquare for local marketing and how to use FourSquare to run local ads and bring visitors right to your website or brick and mortar store!  No fluff or filler just exactly what you need to do to your Fan Page to stand out from all the rest! (23 page downloadable book – Valued at $47)

What’s A Package Like This Really Worth?  

To research, find and package all this incredible information would probably cost you around $4,000 dollars and thousands of hours your precious time (I should know because that’s what it cost me!)

You don’t want to spend any more time looking for a second rate information do you? 

You can get what you need right here, right now, the highest quality real estate website in a box package, this isn’t some rehashed garbage found on the internet…

Everything is easy to understand with step by step instructions and videos and it is offered to you for a fraction of the cost of a professional web developer’s cost. 

Which is why “Real Estate Business In a Box” package is such a bargain at only $47. 

That’s right, you won’t pay $4,000 or more like I did and you won’t spend 2 years researching or studying thousands of websites trying to find this information either. Everything you need is right here. 

The Simple, Quick and Inexpensive Solution  

With my ‘Real Estate Business in a Box’, you’ll get everything you need to get your real estate website online. 

You get:

  • The website themes ready to install on your website
  • The step by step videos
  • The marketing books to help with marketing your website
  • And email support right from me for one whole year!

 Why is this so affordable? Simply because my delivery costs are so low. I figured I’d put this information up here on this website to help real estate professionals just like you find a quick, simple and effective solution. 

Now most people who get my package had to pay $97 for it and were delighted to get it at that price. But others are likely to be a little upset. Because I’m not going to charge you what others have paid for this package. No way. Your cost is just $47 which is about 50% less than others have paid and here’s why… 

The reason why the 50% off price is I’d like your testimonial in exchange for the reduced price. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a fair deal.  

When you accept your reduced price deal, and you download your package today, all you need to do is shoot me back an email when you get your website up. Just let me know how you liked it. What could be simpler or fairer than that? 

That’s the deal, just say, yes and clicks the button below to start downloading your package. Follow the simple steps and watch the videos and within 60 minutes or less you can have your website online. 

Snag your package now. Because after I receive enough testimonial emails then the price goes up to $97. Because that’s what its worth. 

Right now, for a limited time… 

You get everything you need for only $47.  

Within minutes from now your new real estate listings website will be online. You will be able to provide your real estate visitors the latest information on your listings, with contact information, directions and more. Get your own ‘virtual clone” on your staff working hard for you -- 24 hours a day!

Try For 60 Days

100% Money  Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


 You’ll be my new happy customer. And I want to make absolutely 100% sure you are totally satisfied with your “Real Estate Business In A Box”.  
So get  “Real Estate Business In A Box” right now and go through it immediately. If after 10 Minutes, you don’t feel like you’ve received your money’s worth, simply send me an email and I’ll happily rush EVERY cent you paid right back to you. (In fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it.) 

But “Facebook Social Marketing Books” are yours to keep, no matter what, as a “Thank You Gift” from me, just for trying it out… 

OK, you win either way, “Real Estate Business In A Box” or the “Facebook Social Marketing Books” are yours no matter what. 


Within minutes from now your new real estate listings website will be online. You will be able to provide your real estate visitors the latest information on your listings, with contact information, directions and more. Get your own ‘virtual clone” on your staff working hard for you -- 24 hours a day! 

Your Package Includes: 45 Videos + 3 Ebooks and 8 Real Estate Themes!

And Finally To Sweeten The Deal – A Critical Bonus You’ll Need Even More!

Now that is not all… When You Order Today…

FREE Bonus!

"Turn-By-Turn Video Guide to First Page Ranking on Google"

Custom created ‘Google Video Guide’ shows you exactly how to get placed on the first page of Google... See the testimonials below of 3 Real Estate Professionals that used the "Turn-By-Turn Video Guide to First Page Ranking on Google" and boosted their real estate leads and made more net income! (Value $97)

Worried About Support Problems?
Don’t be. Here’s Why…

You Get 1 Year - Free Technical Support

I offer a 1 year guarantee with this package and offer unlimited email support. This is to help you if you run into anything you do not understand with “Real Estate Business In A Box” package. I know it is frustrating when you’re in the middle of something and can't move forward until you have an answer to your question. I feel when you download this package, it is my duty to make sure that you can get your website online and easily as quickly as possible, and I guarantee it. My support and the

It just doesn’t get any simpler or better!  

And if you are concerned about doing this yourself -- rest easy. If you want additional technical help I can easily set it up for you for a small charge, because I want you to be 100% satisfied with your new ‘Real Estate Business In A Box’ package. Most people find the videos are excellent teachers so many can set up their websites easily by themselves. But if not, just email me and I can set it up for you for a small charge.  

Create and manage your own professional real estate web site in just minutes! 

You will have the power of the Internet in your hands with this package. I promise you that you will not have to learn any technical stuff. You’ll be proud to tell your friends and associates -- you did it yourself! Your customers will be impressed by the professional look and feel of your new online business website and you’ll be making your income goals.

Great Deal Right? That’s a total of $297 in products!

They’re worth every cent, but hey, they’re yours FREE. Congratulations. 

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the bonuses up for or offer this package at such a low price. I’ll definitely be improving the package and will raise the price when I have the testimonials I want. So this offer could change at any time. 

Here’s What Some Happy Professionals Said 


"Joe's package finally helped me get listed on the first page of Google!"

“When I first came across your site I was very skeptical. I have been in the Real Estate business for over 12 years and I am inundated with offers and claims such as yours. I was very skeptical when I first reviewed this package as I have paid good money for products and they have not delivered on their promises.

But I am delighted to say that after my research I was able to overcome my skepticism and see what this was all about and if your claims were true (could you really teach me to get on the first page of Google???) I am excited to say that after viewing your 5 step video series and seeing myself listed on the first page of Google I am now a believer.

I would say to anyone that is considering your video series that the proof is in the results! Thank you for putting together a program that delivers what it promises! If you are ever near Sanibel Island stop in and say hi.

Thanks so much!

Barry Waddell - Sanibel, Florida


"I have no doubt this works!"

“ I must say it was a little hard to believe when I seen how fast you claimed to be able to get on the first page of Google, due to what most people say about how difficult it is getting ranked in the search engines. Now that I have seen it for one of my own key word phrases I have no doubt that this works.

Michael Allen - Durham, New Hampshire


"I am now listed on the first page of Google!"

I think it is important to first tell you that I am not a novice when it comes to technical skills and using the internet to market my Real Estate Business. I have used Google Pay Per Click and put together my own sites, so I think it is safe to say that I am more knowledgeable than 99% of all of the other Realtors across the country. Here is the problem, even with everything that I know I have never been able to get a site ranked on the first page of Google without paying Google on a per click basis.

Based on my past experience, it was hard to believe that you could actually get placed on Google as quick as you showed in your video. I must say that after I have used your expertise I am now listed on the first page of Google for a targeted key word phrase here in Virginia. I would tell anyone that wants to learn how to get on the first page of Google that you are the man! You have proven that you are staying current with what works even with the curve balls that Google is constantly throwing and finding ways to keep up when other products no longer work.

Thanks for the constant updates and keep up the good work!

James Demers - Reston, Virginia


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Joe McClain

Joe McClain

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